Testimony Package


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Price: $799


Terms and conditions apply. Designed for testimonial video production. A testimonial is defined as a subject-based interview where the subject is being interviewed by an individual (usually the producer) off-camera. Testimony Packages can only be used for one set location (no movement between locations/sets). Paperwork such as a call sheet, shot list, and script will be provided by the account manager. B roll is not included in a testimony package. Just the sit down interview filming is covered in the testimony package. Any example footage containing b roll is a combination of the testimony package with another filming package.

A small crew consisting of about 2-3 people will be on site for this shoot. The crew is authorized to be on the site of the shoot for up to 3 hours. Anything more than this will need authorization from the project manager or the client. The crew for a Testimony Package shoot typically consists of the following positions:

  • Producer on site (typically the account manager)

  • 1 Camera Operator (typically switching from tripod to gimbal)

  • Audio (only hired on Master Package/Live-Stream shoots rolling sound)


Examples of the Testimony Package:

  • Testimonials

  • Interviews

  • Educational Videos

  • Pre-Recorded Recognition Calls 



  • 1-3 hour shoot

  • Small Crew of 2-3 People 

  • 1 Edited Minute 

  • Full Lighting 

  • Full Audio 

  • Dedicated Account Manager 

  • Studio Use If Needed 

  • Basic Pre Production 


Overtime cost: $150 per hour