Small Video Crew


Price: $149 Per Hour


Terms and conditions apply. Designed for low budget video production. This is extremely simple video production. There is only 1 camera operator on site. The camera operator will typically swap between tripod and gimbal. The project manager will communicate with the client on their needs and relay this to the camera operator. The Starter Package does not include audio recording or lighting. It is completely unscripted. This guarantees it will be low maintenance. The camera operators job is to go with the direction from the client on their vision. 


Examples of Small Crew are:

  • Small Events

  • Property Shots

  • B-roll & Pickup Shots

  • Low Budget Product Shots



  • Hourly Video Shoot

  • 1 Cam Operator

  • Production Quality Control and Assistance on the Shoot

  • Low Budget Video Production

  • 4K Footage & Slow Motion Footage