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Vide production companies who do musicvideosa nd fitness vides

Medium Video Crew
$249 Per Hour


Price: $249 Per Hour 


This package is great for capturing multiple angles efficiently with a professional look. The medium crew comes with 2 camera operators and a project manager to ensure quality. The medium video crew includes basic lighting needs. Project planning and post production services are not included in this price and can be purchased if requested. Terms and conditions apply. All video crew and editors of Voyage Pro are certified in their field. Minimum of 2 hours per order. Video editing services can be purchased for just $37 per hour. Not sure which crew size is best for you? Fill out our contact form and we can help!


Examples of Medium Crew are:

  • Real Estate Walkthrough

  • Small Scale Events

  • Music Videos 

  • Sports & Fitness Videos


Best ideo production company in the Tempe area with high quality lighting