Medium Video Crew
$199 Per Hour


Price: $199 Per Hour 


Terms and conditions apply. Minimum of 2 hours. This package is for efficient video production with a professional look. The Express comes with 2 camera operators. The camera operators will typically swap between tripod and gimbal. The project manager will communicate with the client on their needs and relay this to the camera operator. The medium video crew includes basic lighting, audio and pre production. The crew are responsible for managing these materials. Pre production and post production are not included in this price.


Examples of Medium Crew are:

  • Real Estate Walkthrough

  • Weddings & Events

  • Music Videos 

  • Sports & Fitness Videos



  • Hourly Video Shoot

  • Small Crew of 2-3 People 

  • Production Quality Control and Assistance on the Shoot

  • 1 Edited Minute 

  • Basic Lighting


Our Express video package includes a medium video crew. This means there are typically two people on site working with you, it also includes lighting and audio.


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