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All videos below are examples of our express package

Event Recaps

Sports Videos

Dance Videos

Startup Business's

Greek Life Videos

Club Videos

Clothing Brands

We can also do remote shoots: Ship us your items from anywhere in the US and we can make a video from Tempe!

Quality difference between the Express and Master Package:

Master Package A Cam:

For a Master Package video shoot an entire production crew will be present. Cinema level equipment including cinalenses will be used. For audio we use a boom mic and for lighting we use silks to diffuse the lights giving it a nice soft tone. Notice how accurate and natural the colors display.

Master Package B Cam:

For a Master Package video shoot we have the resources to have a dedicated audio person, A cam operator, B cam operator, and a producer to ask questions and help things run smoothly. Notice the crisp image of the 4K footage with cinematic lighting. The cinematic lens gives a beautiful blurry background. Testimonies capturing a product, large event, or a documentary are perfect for the Master Package.

Express Package A Cam:

For an Express Package video shoot 2 camera operators will be present bringing 2 DSLR cameras. For audio we use a wireless lav mic and one room light.

Express Package B Cam:

For an Express Package the B cam operator will also be running audio. This is great for quick fast paced testimonies. Testimonies during/after an event filming session are perfect for the Express Package.